Undawnted has created its own fictional universe with a common foundation: Legacy. Legacy is a multi- generational, millennium secret organization. A series of novels will exist inside this universe.  

Legacy Universe will tell the stories of heroes, heroines, and villains. Original concept mythologies coupled with origin stories will give this book series the look and feel of a comic book and their movie counterparts, but with the depth, description, and demeanor of prosaic literary publications. 

This authentic take on this genre will take creative writing entertainment to the next level. It will be a place where science and art meet the conscious universe. Legacy Universe is the first of its kind in the literary world. 

Join Undawnted in this magical realm of storytelling.


Legacy is a global crime-fighting unit dedicated to defending humanity against the negative effects of supernatural forces. A paranormal law enforcement division, through specified taskforces within Legacy, sends special agents to investigate and halt activities against the mortal realm. All the while, the organization keeps humanity ignorant of its existence and the unseen forces behind the everyday curtain of normalcy. 
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